Push ups log for Roughkat


Level Performed at Max Comment
Week 4 Day 3 2009-03-16 44 rested a couple times at 35 and 40 for the max set, but only for a few seconds. Otherwise got through most of the sets without as much of a problem. I'm sure it helped resting as much as I did.
Week 4 Day 2 2009-03-12 40 This one sucked. I barely made it through the first set so I knew it was going to be tough. I had to rest a few seconds in between some of the max set.
Week 4 Day 1 2009-03-11 34 First sets felt fine. Struggled to max at 34.
Week 3 Day 3 2009-03-08 30 Barely made it to 30 in the last set.
Week 3 Day 2 2009-03-05 28 Felt ok doing the regular sets. I was pretty spent trying to max out but I made it to 28 at least.
Week 3 Day 1 2009-03-03 30 First day done. Felt pretty good doing it. 60 seconds rest between sets.

Exhaustion tests

Push ups Performed at Comment
34 2009-03-21 This was probably a bad time to do it but needed to be done. I need to get back to being serious about this.
40 2009-03-01 Initial Test



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