Push ups log for Tiggerjay


Level Performed at Max Comment
Week 6 Day 2 2009-07-09 50 Day two at tier 1 is going well. Will perform tier 2 if this week finishes on track and then just keep climbing up the ladder.
Week 6 Day 1 2009-07-07 40 RESET: Okay, after a couple of life circumstances which got my schedule messed up, I've cooled down a bit. So I want to get back into this without hurting my body or disappointing myself. So I'm restarting week 6 at the lower tier (instead of tier 3) - that should get me back into a good routine and back up to speed.
Week 6 Day 2 2009-06-19 30 Okay, I've seriously hit my limit and need to figure out how to get around that, and I'm a bit off schedule.
Week 6 Day 1 2009-06-17 45 Only 175 and it still almost killed me. Didn't make it through the proper number of reps, but pushed through all sets: 45-40-20-30-30; lets see what Friday brings!?!
Week 5 Day 3 2009-06-13 50 200 total - rough, and wasn't sure I'd make it... Glad I pushed through!
Week 5 Day 2 2009-06-10 50 190 Total.
Week 5 Day 1 2009-06-08 40 This was a tough one, looks like a big step up week!
Week 4 Day 3 2009-06-05 35 This morning I felt strong! First two reps were solid, this is working! Was a bit rushed, but total went up to 155
Week 4 Day 2 2009-06-03 40 Still having sinus related breathing problems, and was up late last night, but otherwise a great workout - I made my week goal of 40!!! Whew!
Week 4 Day 1 2009-06-01 35 Woke up a little late and low on energy, did okay, but want more! 121 total today. Looking for 38 max this week!
Week 3 Day 3 2009-05-29 30 Another great week. Still getting over my shoulder and now a sinus infection - but I'm glad to be pushing through. I've also decided to start doing stretches and wall pushups on my off days - hoping that will help with the soreness.
Week 3 Day 2 2009-05-27 35 Back on to normal push ups. My back is still a little sore. But I was able to push through.
Week 3 Day 1 2009-05-25 25 This was a stretch day only. I woke up and felt something terrible under my right shoulder blade. I tried to stretch it out, but it wouldn't help. I could only get about 4 pushups into the routine. So instead I was able to do the sets as wall pushups as a stretch routine.
Week 2 Day 3 2009-05-22 30 Finished the first week strong! Noticed a definite strength difference this morning during this first set--- woo hoo!
Week 2 Day 2 2009-05-21 30 Second day went great, a bit sore at the beginning and not sure how well it would go, but it was excellent.
Week 2 Day 1 2009-05-18 25 What a great start. I should have started with week three since I began with 21, but I decied to start at week 2 at the harded progression. Happy with the start, let's keep it up!

Exhaustion tests

Push ups Performed at Comment
60 2009-06-15 Eh,I was hoping for more.
50 2009-06-07 Excellent!
33 2009-05-24 Woo hoo
20 2009-05-16 Initial test; could have pushed a bit harder.



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