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Level Performed at Max Comment
Week 5 Day 1 2009-06-12 37 YES! Well, I decided to up my rest time to 90 sec. That made the difference. I was able to complete W5D1.
Week 5 Day 1 2009-06-10 30 Repeating W5 D1 Looks like biking impacted the push ups Could only get 30 on max. Looks like D1 again for me on Fri.
Week 5 Day 1 2009-06-08 34 Repeating Week 5 - column 2 since i was basically unable to hit the min. req. on each max out set. (so close)
Week 5 Day 3 2009-06-05 40 column 2
Week 5 Day 2 2009-06-03 50 Moved to column 2. Ok, Ok, I allowed a phone call to interrupt me after the 7th set. This gave me a 10 min. rest before my max out set that's how I was able to do 50. I actually felt like I would probably only be able to get between 20-30 for my max after set 7 (that would actually drop me to column 1, but I'll stick with 2 for now (only 45 sec. rest is tough)). rest)
Week 5 Day 1 2009-06-01 13 Failed! Tried to stick with column 3 and moved workout to M W F. Did set 1 and 2 and was fatigued. I'll be moving to column 2.
Week 4 Day 3 2009-05-30 39 Stuck with column 3 despite my poor results in my final test on W3D3 (23??). Completed day 3 and collapsed at end of 40th pushup. Not sure if I am going to stick with column 3 or move to column 2. W5 D2,3 look scary.
Week 3 Day 2 2009-05-21 32 Sore from first day
Week 3 Day 1 2009-05-19 20 Did 75 pushups (3 sets) in morning before remembering to start this program. thx J I hope this seriously impacted my max on the 5th set (barely made 20). Guess I'll find out on Day 2.

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Push ups Performed at Comment
45 2009-05-19



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